IADOWR Membership Options

Its free to setup an account and free to use our platforms, but if you want a lot more we have some options for you.




Access all our platforms including IADOWR Games and OTS.

Play free fantasy games, use IAX you won to play more or buy more.

Participate in offers, drawings, giveaways and games.

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Free now and free forever.



89 IAX/mo

Get access to all of KIP's sports picks on OTS.

Participate in weekly IAX events to win more money across our platforms.

Discounts on purchases, including on Splendor.

Get IAX back, and earn IAX credit. The more you buy with IAX the more credit you will earn and even earn IAX back.

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Early access to new games!



169 IAX/mo

All the benefits of a PRO member but even more discounts, larger IAX earning contests and events.

Ability to become your own sportsbook and make your own odds on OTS.

Access to investor platforms for Film/TV to find projects you can safely invest in.

Larger IAX back on purchases, and quicker path to IAX credit.

Larger discounts on all purchases with IAX, online and in person.

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VIPs get priority customer service as well.



999 IAX/mo

Access to KIP's API to use all the info he gathers in your business.

Ability to white label KIP's Lobby for your business.

Huge commissions on platform referalls.

Monthly profit participation in IEF and OTSF as part of our Investors Pool.

Ability to make your events and contests using our platforms.

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All the benefits of PRO and much more.