Welcome to IADOWR

What's New At IADOWR

The short answer is EVERYTHING. We have integrated our unique AI Learning and Management machine... KIP to be the center piece of our IADOWR Ecosystem. Read below to learn all about how we can add value to your business and life.


Investment, funding, management, insuring, are just a few things our film platform and KIP can bring to your next film project.

Own The Spread

Play fantasy games, bet on sports, get KIP's predicitons on outcomes, even become your own sportsbook or participate with ours in the OTS Fund.


Play games, manage your squad/alliances in our unique platform, and win IAX for just using the platform.


Our own exchange where you can buy, sell, or trade IAX and IAD (coming soon), and use the IAX inside our ecosystem to purchase everything from pizza to computers and women's fashion.